Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Food Time!

                                                              Hello Happy People!

 Today what I want to sharing with you guys about one of my favorite place too get something yummy!!!!! What I said was place that you guys will find something tasty and something that like fast food but different and guess what?? That all food you all can find at THE CHILI'S.Seriously that place was awesome but you will feel very hard too find place too seat because many people will be eat over there and place too seat will be  full especially in weekend  day, many people will come but people who working there will be sure you gotta get place so don't worry guys.what I choice too eat that day was...............

    That was many  menu that you can find if you want different like me , another food fire grilled , soup&salads , savory seafood and also classic food and more kind of food and I sure you guys will liked that thing and i sure that thing  was tasteful especially for people that like eat different kind food.Just go too THE CHILI'S with location at Suria KLCC, Mid Valley Megamall, 1 Utama, G Hotel in Penang, Empire Shopping Gallery, Subang and latest edition is in CITTA Mall (Ara Damansara).

      Bored eat same food everyday just go too THE CHILI'S an I sure you guys find that THE CHILI'S is still “Like No Place Else” but make you feel happy eat and can know new thing.






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